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Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

Dealing with the media follow-up to the death of a youth in the Department's care was the most challenging and deadline-intensive public relations work I've ever done. It was an unusual day that did not require a last-minute press release on a sensitive issue, an op-ed piece, or a response to a negative editorial or column. Despite its difficulties, the Department did many good works; it was my responsibility to work the press and create promotional materials that highlighted positive and noteworthy stories.

In addition to crisis management work, I handled promoted the Department's legislative budget request, wrote the Secretary's speeches, developed his presentations to legislative budget committees and authored some of his more sensitive communications.


The Center for Creating the Future

The Center's founder, Jack Latona, had a lot of great ideas and had already done some impressive work for the City of Ft. Lauderdale.

Jack contracted with me to act temporarily as executive director while we brought some order and direction to his fledgling organization. Together, we brainstormed branding, marketing and publicity.

I created The Center's new web site and worked to assure the success of its monthly meetings.


Florida Medical Association

I was responsible for coordinating physician relations, public affairs, legislative programs and political activism for the FMA in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. This required communications to maintain personal relationships and motivate people to take action, often at a moment's notice. When the legislature was not in session, I was laying the groundwork for future activism. The biggest challenge was creating buy-in for the FMA's legislative goals throughout a medical community with diverse opinions.


American Cancer Society

Spring Break Games

I envisioned and created the Spring Break Games in conjunction with the City of Ft. Lauderdale, then I solicited contributions from the following sponsors:


This event was one of the most popular for all of Broward County's communities. I dramatically expanded the reach, income and publicity for the event.

Miami Dolphin Golf Tournament

My recruitment and coordination of the income development committee and volunteers paid big dividends. The tournament exceeded revenue expectations and once again garnered media attention.


Sun-Sentinel Article
The Charter Foundation

The prospectus I wrote in preparation for launching this charter school resource center was the key tool we used to obtain start-up funding. I also engineered some great media coverage, particularly on television.

The article in the picture above was in the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. The Miami Herald also got on our bandwagon and published articles generally supportive of charter schools, frequently contacting the Charter Foundation for quotes and background material.