I love the art of persuasive communication. I'm irredeemably infatuated with the process of developing and implementing new ideas.

The art and science of human communication is changing at warp speed. This fact presents both challenges and opportunities for organizations of all sizes. My goal is to remain near the cutting edge (not so close as to bleed too often) of new ideas that promise to enhance our ability to get our messages out to the right audiences in formats that help assure those messages will be heard.

For instance, there's some debate going on in social media circles regarding the use of Twitter as a tool for doing business. I believe that Twitter, or something very much like it, will very soon become a vital part of organizational communications.

For those unaware of Microblogging, here's a peek at my most recent Twitter posts, or "tweets" as they are called by the Twitter community:

My key point here is that people and organizations that don't get this stuff, or don't want to get this stuff, are going to find themselves eating someone else's dust, and soon. My desire is to partner with organizations and individuals who want to "get it" and help them implement the future best practices of communications.

Through my company, The R.E. Finch Company, Inc., I am currently accepting invitations for contract work relating to:

Consider: No matter what your business sells or does, you must be aware that every message you send today may generate an instantaneous response, and not necessarily the one you desired. New communications tools are marvelous, but they also have the power to ensnare you in political processes initiated by those who have decided to oppose what you want to promote.

If you've got a communications roadblock to conquer, a sticky issue that could use a fresh look and some creativity, or a complex project or situation to manage, I can help. So, contact me today!

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Bob Finch

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